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Mental Health Services

Covid-19 Precautions

I follow CDC and CDPHE guidelines.  I can provide socially distanced in-person and virtual therapy sessions.  I have face shields available for use, as well.

LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Work), MSW

Hello, I'm Jackie Harrell, an LCSW with more than 15 years of experience working in hospitals and providing personalized therapy. My focus is on supporting individuals dealing with anxiety, life changes, and transitions.

In our everyday lives, challenges can feel overwhelming. I believe in helping you navigate these challenges with less stress, finding new ways to approach life. We all face moments of pain, but I'm here to guide you toward peace and perspective by exploring and expressing your emotions.

As your therapist, I'll be by your side on your journey to wellness. Opening up to someone new can be tough, but I approach our sessions as conversations—calm, flexible, and tailored to your needs in the moment. I use a blend of cognitive, strength and value-based, and mindfulness techniques to offer fresh insights into our emotions and experiences.

Life presents us with various difficulties and emotions. Therapy is a valuable tool to help us navigate and cope with whatever comes our way.

Virtual and In Person Appointments Available

Therapy Session
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